8-18-15 Equine Energetic Evaluation®

Hi Rhonda, I wanted to give you a little update on Jesse. I rode her quite a bit these past 3 days. We did some pretty steep hills at the trot, which would usually cause a lot of coughing and heavy/labored breathing. Not one cough and her breathing was normal. She is not coughing in her corral either, which she was doing. I am amazed at her improvement.. She's doing great! Thanks!

This is 7 weeks after she started her first program of   Neuro ~ Pituitary Adrenal ~ Blood DTX
her original complaint was breathing issues, after doing an Equine Energetic Evaluation® on Jesse this is what she wanted to support her weaknesses. The root of the issue is not always where it appears to be. ~ Rhonda

My horse Stellar is 11 years old. I have had problems with her weight for several years now along with her neck getting very thick and cresty. No matter how much I cut her feed back the weight just stayed. I tried several products including ENC's Easy Keeper with no noticeable differences. Then they came out with a NEW product called THYROID SUPPORT!! Wow after feeding the first bag 8 weeks I jumped on Stellar bareback and it was like I had jumped on another horse. I then put the weigh tape on her and she had
LOST 130 POUNDS!!! Finally an herbal blend that worked for her and her imbalances , I'm very greatful for this new blend.

4-11-2011  Wound Clay & INF + IMMUNE
This is Reba my 21 year old mare. During an ice storm in Feburary 2011 she came up with her chest cut open and the hide pulled away from her chest clear up to where her neck ties into her chest. No Equine Veterinarians were traveling but I got a small animal Vet to come tack her up. As you can see the stitches were about an inch apart but I was extremely greatful to him for driving out under the severe road conditions. The stitches allowed the hide to reattach and then I worked on the wound as the stitches came apart.

For the wound itself I soak/scrubbed it with triadine and warm water every morning and then took a handful of Wound Choice powder in my hand and packed it in the entire wound even up in the open area. I just did this once a day and you could actually see every day the wound pulling together and tightening from the bentonite clay and with the goldenseal I didn't worry about infection.

As for her program I feed her:
~ 1 scoop AM & 1 scoop PM ( to support the skin and muscle )
~ 1 scoop AM & 1 scoop PM for 14 days (to support the immune system and the wound against infection)
 Neprofin AVF   ~ 2 scoops AM & 2 scoop PM ( to keep scar tissue from forming and to reduce pain and inflammation) 

I only feed oats and bermuda hay so I didn't have to worry about the sugar feeding any infection or inflammation.

      The pictures below were taken from 2-13-2011 thru the final one taken 3-30-2011
              you can see the dates on the pics themselves on the Wound Choice page.

Rhonda has been Evaluating my mare Bourbon for over a year.One of Bourbon's main problems has been breathing difficulties, especially during temperature changes. There had been no remarkable improvements in her breathing patterns until four months ago when we began using Equine Natural Choice Repiratory blends along with Neprofin. Wthin a very short time there was a major improvement in her breathing even during hot days and cold nights, which used to be a big problem and quite scary to watch when Bourbon couldn't breath. This has been the biggest relief of all.

12-5-2010  WORM DTX
Also, I started using the Equine Natural Choice Worm DTX Choice. Before starting the ten-day feed through period, I had a fecal done which showed 23 strongyle eggs. After using the Worm DTX Choice by Equine Natural Choice I had a second fecal done which showed only 5 eggs. I am very impressed with these results,and happy to be able to give my horse herbs rather than chemicals. One month later I repeated the 10 day feed through using the Worm DTX Choice and had another fecal test done and the results were amazing 0 egg count. WOW I am SOLD !

I'm so glad we found Rhonda, and I really appreciate her Evaluating expertise.The improvements in Bourbon speak for themselves, I never thought she would regain as much as she has and am excited to have her back completely.
Nancy E. Georgia

7-30-2009  Equine Energetic Evaluations™
This is one of my best and most heart touching testimonials by far! This is Savannah who I personally aquired in March of 2009. This mare was brought back completely natural using Equine Energetic Evaluations ™ along with herbal blends, oats and bermuda hay.

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