Infection Wipeout

Under ideal conditions a horse's immune system will be strengthened before any infection has a chance to take root. However, in the case of a wound or exposure to disease, especially under stressful conditions, an infection can occur. Infections must be addressed as rapidly as possible. Untreated infections can result in pain, discomfort or more serious illness. This blend supports the immune system.

An equine herbal blend of:
Oregon Grape Root, Goldenseal Root, Pau D Arco Bark, Plantain Leaf,
Echinacea Herb, Oregano Leaf, Tumeric, Olive Leaf

This product comes in a 1/2 pound bag and is used 10 - 14 days at a time.
Recommended use - 1 scoop a day for 10 - 14 days.
One scoop = 1 Tablespoon.

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