What is an Equine Energetic Evaluation® ?

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               An Equine Energetic Evaluation® is a process I developed using a 26  
                     check point system designed to find the weak energy in a horse.

I use a method of Kinesiology to look for weak energy in a horse and then match the energy of a herb or supplement to support the weak area. Using this method insures the fastest and most economical outcome for your horse to reach his max potential. Your horse will support his body systems as he needs to, in the order most beneficial to him.

The results I have had using this method combined with Equine Natural Care™ the most complete line of equine herbal blends has been phenomenal. I have posted a testimonial page so you all can read what others have to say that have used my products with Equine Energetic Evaluations®. As always my goal is to get your horse to one of the four Tonic's. Daily Tonic, Working Tonic, Mare Tonic or Neo & Growth Tonic.

What is Kinesiology ?

History of Kinesiology:

Applied kinesiology and biokinesiology, 'Bio' means life and 'kinetic' refers to motion. Bioenergetics is the science of the active force of life. Bioenergetics states that every organism has bioenergy, the energy that makes us alive, that animates us. Every cell in our body contains this energy. Much like a two way radio that receives frequencies of subtle bioenergy from various sources, energy we cannot see, we also receive bioenergy from everything in our environment. And, just like the radio that can transmit its own frequencies of vibration into the environment around it, the body sends out frequencies. These vibrations are very subtle and invisible to the naked eye, and their existence was even denied until they were able to be recorded with sophisticated machines. Biokinesiology is now used in many areas of health care.  Among these are veterinary medicine, dentistry, nutrition, osteopathy and herbal medicine.

An article in Systems DC, 1981 , titled "Applied Kinesiology in Chiropractic Exams"  stated "Not until applied kinesiology has there been an approach to accurately understand the autonomic nervous system, which controls organs."

In this study of the muscles, Dr, Geo. Goodhardt, of Detroit Michigan, found that each large muscle related to an organ in the body, and that a weakness in a large muscle signaled a weakness in the related organ.  Over the years he found that when he treated the muscle with nutritional support, it also helped the weak organ.  Even if a patient just held the needed supplement, the muscle and it's related organ both temporarily improved.  He recognized this meant the body had electrical energy and was much like a magnet.

Science speculates that we are more electrical than chemical.  Modern physics teaches that everything in the universe has its own vibrational rate of energy, vitamins, minerals, each organ of the body, even color. Some things, seemingly unrelated, such as plants, food and human organs, have similar vibrational rates of energy.  This helps to draw them together, much like magnets.  This is most obvious during pregnancy when the expectant mother (whether animal or human) is drawn to the nutrients she needs by her cravings.  In the deep south where minerals are poor in the soil and therefore in the food, pregnant mothers often crave, and eat, river clay.  This is where their best source of minerals are and they are drawn to it like a 'MAGNET'.

Dr. Paul Shephard, in his book Healing Energies, stated "Within man there is a complex electrical system headed by a computer greater than Xerox and IBM put together, with each cell being a micro transformer/capacitor and even a rudimentary memory chip".  According to one wholistic health care practitioner, kinesiology can be explained in the equation E=MC2.  Energy equals mass times the speed of light.  All matter comes from energy.  This means everything is electrical, whether it's you, the food you eat, or your shoes.

Wayne Cook studied the energy fields of the human body many years ago, before they had been acknowledged by any other field of science.  In 1972, he was invited to go to Stanford University and work with the department of Materials, Science and Engineering to prove out his findings with the  assistance of their scientists.  Along with Dr. William Tiller they proved the body does indeed have energy flowing in and throughout it. What they discovered was that the body has a positive and a negative current, as well as a neutral current.  Energy flowing clockwise has a positive current, energy flowing counter clockwise has a negative
current, and energy flowing vertically (up and down)  is neutral. Everything they found, had these energies. Healthy tissue in the body was found to have one type of energy, while unhealthy tissue had another.

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