I am interested in the health and welfare of your horse.
For any questions, orders or to make an appointment call
Rhonda J. Newman    405-361-4372

I'm Rhonda Newman founder of the Equine Energetic Evaluation® and co-owner of Equine Natural Care®. The Equine Energetic Evaluation® was an over two year in the field work in progress until it became what it is today and has been used successfully to support and balance horses for over 10 years now. The process is taught as part of Equine Natural Care's 2 day training that all distributors have gone through and is exclusively taught only to Equine Natural Care® distributors.

The Equine Natural Care® herbal blends were designed to work hand in hand along with the Equine Energetic Evaluation® and have proven to be a great success! There is simply no better product on the market than Equine Natural Care®. The facts are the Equine Natural Care® herbal blends are proving themselves in the field and have been every day for over 5 years now!


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